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Hail and welcome to our guild's website; Swords in the Wind!
We are a law abiding group of mature, sensible players, who respect the EULA and rules of the game. We have integrity and honour and do not tolerate puerile foul mouths or fools with appallingly daft non-fantasy genre character names.
All members are expected to behave as a team and with decency and calmness in all situations. Team skills, smarts and a modicum of wit are essential for our guild.
We have a guild bank which everyone can use for free and everyone's views are respected in this democracy. The chain of command is respected and promotion rules are clear and consistently enforced, only those who help farm resources, recruit others, or make alliances will be allowed to be officers.  There is no favouritism or any grey areas. Everything is set out in stark black and white law and adhered to.
We are geared towards a social levelling network but also enjoy and partake in PvP. We have started raiding and workign our way through building our Tier II city. We do not gank lowbies, or people who are talking to quest NPCs. Ganking players who are fighting for their lives versus many mobs is also frowned upon.
Any player who we see on Battlescar with a stupid name (e.g Holyshit, Ikeelyouall, Beegdildo) is KoS. All stupidly named guilds of non-fantasy genre (e.g Ribbed Condoms, Monkeyballz) are also KoS. Any ganking kiddy guilds like Templar Knights, and V.F.G, Two Gankers, Evil Sisters, Dolls,  are also KoS.

We are a friendly, supportive, decent lot but do not tolerate law breakers or idiots. If you wish to be part of a well organised, amiable, talented, lawful good team then send Melianna or Amali or Wulfram or Thunaro a tell. They will be glad to hear from you.

'Swords in the Wind!!'

The Mel.


Meliannia, Oct 8, 08 4:56 PM.
Big thanks to Jackky for all his farming
and donations from meta and pterion
and especially Arcueid who was there at the end to boss the last 8 buildings with me.

Cheers everyone!

The Mel

Raid sunday 6pm ish GMT

Meliannia, Oct 4, 08 2:58 PM.
lev 76+, allies invited

Welcome back old friends

Meliannia, Sep 28, 08 3:36 PM.
Ghorm and Enor have returned

Victorae are officially Allies

Meliannia, Sep 28, 08 3:34 PM.
spoke to leader Amulius this evening after weird ganking incidents agaisnt us, we now allies and have them for raids ))

Kwym, Stimp and Arcueid promoted to Patrician

Meliannia, Sep 27, 08 1:32 PM.
3 more active junior offciers who help with resource farming
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